Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lanzones and Mangoes

Today, I found Lanzones in Youngs Market! an ethnic store where I used to go if I miss eating filipino foods. I am so excited! I haven't seen Lanzones for 10  years I guess. This is one of my favourite ethnic fruit so even though it cost a lot, I pay $11 dollars per cluster and I bought 2 clusters because I'm sure  hubby wants to eat too :) 
I introduced this fruit to our children and they liked it too specially Jessica. I think she got more of filipino taste than my 2 boys :)

Lanzones is one of a popular fruit in the Philippines and some neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. It grows well in clay loam soils and in places where the ground water is shallow. It thrives best in warm humid climate with an even distribution of rainfall throughout the year, that's why it usually grow in a tropical countries. It's a season fruit and usually visible during the months of July and August so you have to wait for the season for you to enjoy this fruit.
But 10 yrs. is a long time for me to wait just to eat Lanzones, so we make sure we squeeshed it right so nothing is wasted and savour every sweetness of it :)

And of course, mango is our family's all time favourite. Every time it's  mango season, we make sure we spare boxes of mangoes for dessert, snack and cold sweet treats!
Sometimes, we just cut if up like that one up there or make mango float, mango cream cake, mango ice candy or smoothies or crema de fruta. I can never get tired eating this fruit. They are delicious!

Mango Float recipe
Things you need:
3 ripe mangoes (over ripe is best)
1 box of graham crackers
1 can condensed milk
1 can Nestle cream
1 tupperware or dish to put on your mango float

Prepare the dish or Tupperware where you are going to put your mango float. You can use a square or rectangle shape of dish or Tupperware as long as it is big enough to accommodate your mangoes and graham.

Wash the mangoes thoroughly. This time, peel the mangoes. Slice the mangoes thinly and set it aside. Mix the Nestle cream and condensed milk together and set aside.

Put graham crackers at the bottom of the dish, evenly. You can break the crackers into pieces or you can lay it whole. Fill the bottom of the dish with graham crackers.

When the bottom of the dish are already filled with graham crackers, pour out 1/4 of the mixed condensed milk and cream over it. Spread it evenly.

Then lay the sliced mangoes on top of the graham and mixed cream/milk. Put the sliced mangoes evenly then pour out another 1/4 of the mixed milk/cream

Repeat the same process. Put another layer of graham crackers, then mixed milk/cream and mangoes. You can make up to 3 layers of your ingredients.

The top layer must be the graham and milk/cream mixture.

Put in on the freezer for an hour or until it is hard enough. When it is already hard enough, take it out then slice and serve. This is very delicious, sweet and good desert. Enjoy!

Have a good day everyone!  God bless you all!