Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Decors

The tree is not up, the wreath is still in the box and some other Christmas decorations that we usually have every year. Last year, although we celebrated Christmas in Australia, we had a chance to put up our tree and few christmas bakings which my kids love to do. But this year, we will be going to the Philippines earlier than last year, so we had no chance to decorate. But nevertheless, we had few things at least to make   our house a little festive :) 
The Nativity 

At least we have a tiny christmas tree :)

A blinking capiz Star lantern in our window

Josel, my son made this for us 

He even make one for my family back home in the Philippines. The Patts Family

More ornaments. We'll use this in our tree next year.

This one is not a christmas decor, but it was given to me as a Christmas and birthday gift from a good friend. Love her. She chose the modest one too :)
A Royal Doulton Doll, her name is Kate. Isn't she beautiful?  

and of course, flowers from special people in our church. Made me feel so loved. Thanks.

We will be leaving in two days to Philippines, but I'll keep in touch! 
Got to go, I still have more packing to do.

God bless.