Monday, January 31, 2011

Repeat After Me..

 I believe in affirmations. An affirmation is a positive statement spoken in first person singular, present tense, as if it had already happened...Here are some affirmations. Repeat after me

"I love God with all my heart, my soul and mind"
"I love my family"
"I like myself"
"Things work out well for me."
"I am beautiful and charming "
"I enjoy life"
"I am blessed beyond measure"
"I like people"

A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance. The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad.

I had a great day today, busy but productive and got lots of good laughs with my teens. I always love to have them home all day.
One of my chinese friend gave me  a "tikoy" or "chinese new year cake" this morning. We used to eat it when we were in hongkong on chinese new year specially Josel, but today, I fried it with eggs and I'm the only one who ate it :(  I commanded them to eat it, but didn't work. Even my babies doesn't like it, what's wrong with these people?

Who wants tikoy?

Have a great day and a cheerful heart!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

God is still Good!

God had done good and great things in our lives. He redeemed us, sanctified and brought us into fellowship with Himself through his ultimate sacrifice and victory over death. He is good!  
I am reading a book about stories of Christians who have suffered greatly. Some were placed in concentration camps because of their faith, others were cast away from their families. Others suffered from death of a loved one, chronic pain and disease, loss of jobs, fires, floods and pestilence. There's the victims of brutal act of terrorism that caused hurts and pains to many. Yesterday, there were bombings in Manila that caused many casualties. And yet, thousands of believers specially among Asia nations are experiencing great revivals where thousands came to the Lord to experience His power. 
One friend I've talked to recently testified about how God has been good to her and her family despite of the trials that they are experiencing right now.
Despite of the attack of the enemy to destroy their souls, their unshakeable faith stood firm. I can still see their countenances glowed and their love of God is amazing. That is something. It inspired me so much! Their certainty in the goodness of God was not determined by their circumstances but it was based on their relationship with God and their intimate knowledge of His character. How encouraging!

God is not only good when good things happened in our life. Often I heard people say that God is good when He sends good weather or when there are bountiful blessings. But God was also good when my father died and allowed my sister to almost die because of an abusive marriage. I remember when we talked over the phone on one occasion, there's heaviness in my heart. I remember my sister was crying on the other line and with a cracking voice she said that God hath forgotten her. I told her, no, God has not forgotten you. He promised in His Word for as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is His steadfast love toward us  to those who fear Him. There is an ocean of God's love and there is plenty for everyone. Everything happened has a purpose. If we find ourselves in low places of our lives, we are not alone. We'll find Him there.

In the good and bad times. God is still good. 

"Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men" Psalm 107:8

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dance with my Father Again...

... If I could get another chance
Another walk, another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end
How I'd love, love, love to dance with my father again...

In loving memory of my late Father. Today is his 4th year death anniversary. He is always remembered by his children and people whose lives were touched by his ministry and example. I really miss him.

The legacy that he passed on to us will always be treasured.

Bienvenido D. Patts, Sr.
September 17, 1921 to January 22, 2007

On September 17, 1921, in the small town of Montevidio Carmen Bohol, Bienvinido Patts Sr. was born into a humble farmer’s home. He grew up to be a bright young man and supported himself through college in which he graduated as cumlaude with AB/BS degree in Education-Majoring in English at the Rafael de Palma College (now Bohol University). He became a professor thereafter at the Southern Island Colleges and Emmanuel Colleges respectively from 1956 to 1969 – teaching English, Economics and World History.

In April 28, 1954 he married Ms. Lily Buscano, a beautiful young lady from Polomolok, South Cotabato whose family was originated from Candijay, Bohol. Their marriage was blest with 11 children, 24 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren as of February 2007.

Bro. Patts came to the Oneness truth in 1968. At that time, he was very active in the Evangelical Church of God. He founded a Bible school and also served as a Bible doctrine teacher for the Assemblies of God. Part of his work was to translate English tracts to the Visayan language.

That same year he received a letter from Mr. Chuck Malay, a brother who attended Bro. David Gray’s church in California. Bro. Malay got hold of one of the tracts that had Bro. Patts’ name on it as the translator. Bro. Malay contacted Bro. Patts and asked him to translate certain tracts for him, which he gladly agreed. These were the tracts, “Why We Baptize in Jesus’ Name” and “Mystery of all Mysteries”, a tract on the Oneness of God in Jesus Christ.

While translating the tracts, he was able to read the Bible references and verses. He then had a desire to dig deeper into it and be certain of the truth. He got so interested in this new doctrine that he wrote Bro. Malay to ask of what denomination he belongs to.

Not long after this incident, Bro. Buckmiller, a UPC missionary in the Philippines knocked on his door and met with him at his house in General Santos City. This visit was followed by another meeting the week after but this time, Bro. Buckmiller brought with him Bro. Joe Quiboloy and Bro. Celestino Minoza. Together, they expounded to him the Oneness of God in Christ. He received the full revelation with gladness heart. That same day he and his wife were baptized in the loving name of Jesus!

Because of this, the first UPC work in General Santos City began. Services were held in Bro. Patts’ home. Later, they rented a bigger house for worship with Bro. Minoza as the pastor.

In 1969, Bro. Carl Adams told him of his desire to open a Bible school in Luzon. For this reason, the Patts’ family moved from General Santos to Angeles City to open the said Bible school. UPBI was then established as a place that provides formal training for future ministers. Among many others, some of the first batch students were Brothers Romeo Navallo, Alcantara, Absalom Gamayon and Apollo Quiboloy. Bro. Patts was also appointed the first director of the Board of Christian Education.

Towards the end of the year 1969, the Patts family moved to Manila after Bro. Adams decided to transfer UPBI to a new rented building in Burgos Street, Makati Avenue. This was the first opened work in Manila. The first members were The Adams and housemates/helpers, the Mallory’s, the Nepstad’s, the Patts’, the Fondevilla’s and Pastor Donnie Ompad who opened a work in the Cavite area.

Bro. Patts was also elected by the Executive Board as General Secretary of UPC Philippines, a position he held for 25 years. He became the Dean of the ACTS Bible College (now CP Kilgore Memorial College) in Manila until his retirement in 1999 at age 78. In addition, he operated a correspondence course for ministers wanting to know more about the ministry but was unable to study formally in the Bible school.

It is his lifelong dream to build a Bible college and a foundation. He went on to pursue this goal which he managed to operate The Return To Christ Mission Foundation for several years. However, it could not continue due to lack of funds.

Now, four (4) of his children are married to preachers, two (2) are ministers of the gospel, three (3) are very active and faithful servants of God. After his retirement in 1999, resided in San Francisco, California with his three children and their families. Towards the twilight of his years, although Parkinson’s disease has gripped his body, he remained to be a man steadfast in his faith despite of his failing health. A very strong example to all his children and grandchildren as a true servant of Jesus Christ.

Most of his children are involved in the ministry under the United Pentecostal Church organization.

Bro. Patts went to be with the LORD on January 22, 2007. His earthly body was intern at the Manila Memorial Park, Dasmarinas, Cavite, but his spirit now rests in the sweet embrace of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He was 85 years old.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reading moments...

It's a good thing when you travelled 19 hours and don't know what to do with those times, so books for the rescue. I was able to read a lot of good books during those hours. Last week I started my online bible reading @ ,  and during my "quiet time"more books I enjoyed reading at least an hour a day. Need to put this brain to work :)

These are the books that I'm reading lately...

I love reading T.D. Jakes revolutionary thoughts. It is about discovering who we really are and what we are truly about. 

Yep I got 5 love languages for teenagers and it's an awesome book. Do you think we know our teens well?  but there are more to discover about your teens.

How to prepare and get ready when the enemy strike. It comes with a workbook too.

I got pics of these books online. I can't get a clear shot of this in my cp.

Amazing book. This explain the principle of faith filled and mountain moving prayer that can transform circumstances. 

I got so many helpful informations learned to help a child with speech problem. 

5 Love languages (Mens Edition)
I gave this to Pastor as a gift in our last year's anniversary. I'm not sure if he read it but I do :)

Have a great day everyone! I hope you enjoy reading books too as much as I do.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More of our Vacation

We were able to see animals for the first time like these Koalas. They looked so cuddly.

Red panda

Wombat. It's like a koala too

Magpies are everywhere in Australia
 and of course, our visit will not be complete without seeing kangaroos :)
Rainbow lorikeet. One of the most colourful birds in Australia

This is one of the building we've seen in the city of Sydney.

These are the aboriginals of Australia. 

I don't know how much walking we made when we were in Sydney. I love it though.

This is the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is where the fireworks held every year.

The opera house

The heart of the city

They have huge apple store

and starbucks too :) that made Pastor so happy!

This is the outside of the Parliament in Canberra

In front of Parliament

Inside the Parliament. This is where most of the bills passed or not :)

The Parliament

There are more photos but these are all for now. At least you have an idea of what Australia looked like.

If you're interested to learn words that they use. Here are some:

"Ows ya goin?" - How are you
garbage - rubbish
thank you - ta
washroom - toilet or loo
portable restroom - portaloo
malls - shops
jacket- jumper
stroller - pram
yes - yee
tired - baggard
french fries - chips
4 way stops - roundabout
signal - indicate
afternoon - sarvo

That's all I can remember, lol. I love their accent too :)   

G' day Mate!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Trip To Australia

"Ows ya goin'? that's the australian way of saying "How are you?" :) 

We had a great time in Australia, it was a long trip and short visit but worth it. Not only we enjoyed the place, learned new words and accent and few of their cultures, meet new people, but specially, had a wonderful time with loved ones  (Pastor's side of the family).

We mostly stayed in Canberra, that's where my in laws live , which is the capital of Australia and spent few days in Sydney.
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and at the same time celebrated Pastor's birthday with them. My sis in laws are excellent cooks, so we're flooded with delicious foods! lots of laughters and fun. Our kids were thrilled to meet their australian cousins for the first time. They get along right away. Those are precious moments to cherished.

Canberra is a beautiful and peaceful city!  The name "canberra" comes from the aboriginals and it means "a meeting place". It is located southwest of Sydney and northeast of Melbourne. It won the title of capital after a brief tug of war with the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. Here in this place, they said, is the center of power in all of the Australia. This is where the parliament and international embassies situated, elites and government officials live in this place. The climate here is mild, not too hot actually. 

We drove to Batesman bay. It features breathtaking sceneries and unspoiled beaches. We ate fresh fish and chips (fries) and seen a lot of kangaroos that you can pet, they are everywhere! Sea eagles are usual sight as well.

We went to Black Tower mountain, formerly known as Telstra Tower. This is one of Canberra's top attractions. It is located in a beautiful nature reserve of 360 degree views of the city and the surrounding countryside. We also seen habitat for many native plants and animals. Then we visited the zoo as well and say hello to Koalas, wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, Red Pandas and seen lots of magpies :)

The Cockington Green are a nice place to visit as well. There are delightful and fascinating display of meticulously crafted buildings set within beautifully landscaped gardens and cute cottages. They  also have display of international famous places all over the world.

We visited their museums and The Parliament House.

Instead of pine trees, gum trees are common in sight, not to mention Eucalyptus  and olive trees are everywhere too.
gum trees

Then the rest of the days spent in Sydney.  I will post some next time :) This is getting too long.

I am just thankful to God for giving us this opportunity to visit one of the beautiful place in the world.

G'day mate!