Saturday, November 13, 2010

Savour Life As You Would A Latte... drop at a time :)

I am not a coffeeholic, but I love having decaf coffee with hazelnut cream, no sugar or soy chai latte in the morning and before going to bed, that's my favourites. Actually, I don't limit myself in just coffee, I try to explore various kinds of  hot drinks or coffee alternatives. I'm up to it if I find something new. Right now, I'm quite fond of honey ginger latte, it's a must to try :) A ginger tea brewed with skim milk and honey. It's so refreshing like latte with peppermint. I'm drinking one right now :)

My mom of course introduced me to coffee. She would make coffee with milk in the mornings before anyone else got up and I could smell the aroma from our kitchen. Until I got married to a wonderful man that loves coffee too :)  Latte... sweet and warm beyond compare specially on cold, snowy and rainy days.  Just like savouring  God's love, mercy and grace one drop at a time each day and you'll enjoy life more than anything.

Espresso - rich coffee made by forcing water through finely ground, dark roasted coffee beans.
Latte - espresse with steamed milk
Cafe au lait - equal parts espresso and steamed milk
Mocha - latte with a little bit of chocolate
Cafe breve- espresso with steamed half and half cream
Espresso com panna - a serving of espresso topped with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream
Iced espresso - a double espresso poured over crushed ice
Iced cappuccino - single or double serving of espresso poured over crushed ice and topped with an ounce or tow of cold milk
Soy Chai Latte -  a black tea that is brewed strong with a combination of spices and diluted with soy milk 
 Honey Ginger Latte - ginger tea brewed with skim milk and honey


Cindy said...

Your ginger latte sounds good, so does peppermint latte. I love lattes, I make them with our Espresso machine, they are such a treat!
We drink fresh ground coffee every morning and I love Starbuck beans the best, they are so rich and so delicious! Just like God's love, rich and always worth savoring.
Love and Hugs, Cynthia

Unknown said...

Non fat chai tea latte from Starbucks is my current favorite hot drink. I also really like hot apple cider. :) My hubby just likes his good old coffee :)

Caroline said...

Good morning from germany,

I found youre blog via Oakview Cottage.
I just enjoyed youre music in the baground could you tell me what it is?

My favorite is Latte with caramel.

Have good week start, God bles

Jane said...

Hi Caroline, thanks for visiting my blog. The song is called "Angels Brought Me Here". It's a love song. I heard this song in my niece wedding and I love it.

Here's the link of the song with lyrics