Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Europe Trip

We've celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, hubby and I thought of doing something "big" for this year, since that our children are more responsible now being by themselves without us plus we've never done any out of the country tour just the two of us. We usually travel a lot with our kids, so this anniversary trip is extra special for both of us :)

We visited five countries in 14 days! You know how crazy that was! But it was wonderful, exciting and full of adventures. We enjoyed it a lot! since both of us love to travel and explore places! It was like back packing in Europe.

We arrived at Heathrow Airport, London, our first stop.
London is a charming and welcoming city. It is one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world. We stayed there for 4 days, it's an enormous place and you will never be able to pack everything you'd like to do in few days or weeks, so we've just visited some familiar and major tourist spots like Kensington Palace/garden, Hyde Park, one of the most beautiful park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Tower, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, walk around downtown London and streets in notting hill gate, stop by for tea in tea gardens, shopped in West end, my favourite thing to do :) and dine in local french, chinese and English restaurants. We went to Isle of Wight which is 30 mins away by speed boat from London mainland. But the weather is not cooperating that time, it was raining and we're on time constraint, so we were not able to visit Sir Topham hat and Thomas the Tank Engine lol. My kids would love that!
So thankful for Mike and her mom for showing us around the city. They are our awesome tour guide!

We're also able to visit some of our longtime friends and spend Sunday with them. Hubby preached to our filipino churches there. We had a great fellowship with them. They showered us with love and gifts :)

Cafe Rouge

We enjoyed our morning coffee here :)

Hyde Park

London Tower

One of tea garden in Isle of Wight

Our brethren in London

From London, we took a 6 hour train to Llandudno North Wales, UK. I think Wales is now one of my favourite place. The town is unique.
Llandudno is a peaceful place. It lies on flat land between the main body of North wales and a huge limestone headland known as the Great Orme Peninsula. One of the things that I've noticed when we were there since day one, this place is packed with senior and middle aged elderly!  This place is a haven for elderly people. Serene and tranquility is obviously felt in this place, maybe that's why most  elderly folks live here. Maybe we will consider this place when hubby and I retire in the future :)
We took a day tour bus to show us around town. There are beautiful and cute holiday cottages, bed and breakfast houses, apartments and beautiful gardens,  The Happy Valley, and the award winning victorian pier, St. George hotel where the Prince of Wales stayed whenever he pay a visit in Llandudno. We went to Conwy Castle and spend half a day there. It's fun to see the colourful terrace houses and most of all, it's fun to shop :) I'd say I had a serious shopping here and had a difficult time deciding whether I will buy or not all their beautiful hats lol.
Seriously, I've never eaten a lot of fish and chips in my life, only in North wales! But on our last night, hubby brought me to a romantic restaurant in town.

Do you like my hat?

Victorian Pier, this is our view from our hotel. We stayed in Grand hotel which is one of the oldest building in Llandudno built in 1901.

Conwy Castle

Tired of exploring the castle :) had tea in one of the tea room there.

That was a wonderful time in London and Llandudno, Wales.

Have a great day!