Saturday, April 29, 2017

May 2017 Article published in LM Prayer International.

God's Protection
By Jane Fortaleza

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble" (Psalm 46:1).

One thing our family would do every time we'd ride in our vehicles was to ask God to protect us as we went about in our daily business.

One day, after church, I drove all kids home and had lunch. Then Jessica, my twelve-year-old daughter, asked to pick up some things at the store for school. As usual that day, we prayed for protection as my daughter and I left home. On our way, not far from our home, I saw that prayer answered in a very real way. 
As I was about to turn right on a busy street, I pressed the brake but there was no resistance.  Our vehicle sped up and our steering wheel becomes loose. Instead of turning right, our van passed straight across two busy lanes and hit a tree. Both airbags inflated and smoke came from somewhere. God must have cleared the way for us because no cars were coming in either direction. Had I turned right on a busy street, I might have collided with other cars. We could have ended up in the hospital, seriously injured others, or even caused a death. Kindhearted bystanders rushed to help us, and my husband came. Paramedics and police came and the lane was closed momentarily. I was so thankful that God had spared my daughter and me from a serious accident.
I had no idea of the danger that would confront us that day, but prayer works. God knew well in advance and protected us in our time of need. What peace there is in knowing that God is always looking after us. If He sees the dangers we are not aware of, then surely He also sees the ones that concern us, and He will help with those too. 
Psalm 34:7 tells us that "the angel of the Lord encamps round about them that fear him, and delivereth them." This verse is a promise that brings rest and assurance to the hearts of God-fearing people. God notices the little sparrow's fall, and His Word assures us, "Ye are of more value than many sparrows" (Matthew 10:31). 
My heart is full of thanksgiving that God's protection and mercy follow us each day. What a privilege it is to serve a God who looks after us each day and delivers us from unknown dangers. He watches over us each day and delivers us from harm and danger. Trust in His promise and remember to thank Him for the protection we may not always see.

Note: Jane Fortaleza is a pastor's wife and mother of three children. Her family lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she served as a Ladies President in Central Canadian District. Her great passion is to serve and live for God. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Stay Warm

This week, the weather got colder again and down to -24 degrees C. This is better than the past weeks where the temp was down to -35 C. We've been here for almost 20 years and still not get used to this cold weather :) but we survived! As long as your house have centralized heating system, a car with heater and warm clothes to wear, then you're ok.

But I can't wait for the spring to come where the ice is finally melting and new life springs forth, to see my flowers bloom, trees to produce fruits, grass to grow and to walk with slippers and to enjoy rain and sunshine! This is one of my favourite season. Transition from that of frozen to which is alive! It is so exciting to see something cold and dead to comes alive and colourful!

Sometimes there are areas of our lives experience complete death in order to experience the full life God desires of us. The cold and frozen will always brings forth the promise of a beautiful life. We can finally exhale with a sigh of relief recognizing His beautiful presence within, as we gladly resign ourselves to a sweet surrender. We become aware that He is there and all will be well.  The once gray skies begin to break away as shades of a heavenly blue begin to emerge. For the dawning of a new morning has arrived and with that dawning comes the promise of those wonderful and blessed.

God's mercies is new every morning...

But whatever season we are in, we ought to be "happy" because there is a purpose for everything.
Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God's work from beginning to end. So therefore there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can.

"Look, the winter is gone, and the rains are over and gone. The flowers are springing up, the season of singing birds has come, and the cooing of turtledoves fills the air. Song of Solomon 11-12

Stay warm, hope is here!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Europe Trip Part 3

I haven't updated this blog for a long time and I'd go through all of my posts and one thing I've noticed I haven't completed our Europe trip last year lol. So here's the part 3. 

Our fourth stop is Geneva, Switzerland.

If Paris has the Eiffel tower, London has Kensington Palace, North Wales has Conwy Castle then Geneva has Jet d'Eau, a water jet fountain. This majestic 140 m water fountain, the tallest in the world is the main attraction of the city, and one which cannot be missed. They said that it become a tourist spot since 1891. We also visited many places in Geneva. So thankful for our generous friends Caroline, Bong and his family to show us around the city. They are awesome tour guides.

This is not a statue. It is real :)

If you like swiss watches, this is a place to be :)

I've tasted the best chocolates at  Rhor chocolates store where royal families came by for a box of chocolates.

This is the Jet d'Eau (far right). The shots are not that great, it was raining at that time.

The biggest broken chair in front of United Nations

This is in Le Chateau' in Nyon

We visited the Le Diablerets, an hour away from Geneva. This is a city on top of the mountains. As you can see, there are many houses in the side of the mountains. They call it Swiss Chalets which means log houses.

There was a Suise- Canada parade when we were there, so we're able to see all of it.

The Alps of switzerland

We ate their racklettes, traditional suise food

The real swiss Chalet in the background.

 We had a great time in Switzerland. This is a must to see. I'm so glad that I am able to visit one of the great place in the world. God is good!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jesus I Love You

Wow, it's been a long time I haven't visited this blog :) Been busy with other stuff in life, but it's been good. God is always good!

If you wonder what I do in my quiet time? Yes, everyone should have quiet time :) Either I read or sing. This song is been out for quiet sometime, but I will do it in my own version. 

I love the lyrics of this song and this is real to me "I could not imagine my life without you. I could not imagine if You Lord weren't there for me". I don't know how people can survive without God in their life.

(Pardon me with the poor recording and sound, my phone is not cooperating :))

Jesus I Love You (Because You Care)

Not because I've been so faithful,
not because I've been so good
You've always been there for me
to provide my every need.

You were there when I was lonely
You were there in all my pain
guiding my footsteps, shelter from the rain
And it was You who made my life complete
You are to me my everything
and that is why I sing.

Jesus I love you, because You care
I could not imagine if you weren't there
Jesus I love you, because you care
I could not imagine my life without you

You are the joy of my salvation
you're the peace in my storm
Your loving arms protect me
You shelter me from harm

You're the Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
My Strong Tower, my Dearest and Best Friend

And it was you who made my life complete
You are to me my everything
and that is why I sing

I love you, I love You
I love you, I love You
because you care...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Through It All 2013

 Few more days and we will turn our calendar to another year!

The year 2012 brought us so many things to remember. Things happened that caught us unaware, good or bad. I had triumphs in my personal walk with God as well as with my family and church. Our church is experiencing revival and spiritual growth. Although there are struggles, we have seen things happen that perhaps shouldn't have happened and we have no control for any of this. Because without a struggle, there can be no progress. Nevertheless, God has been so good, all things work together for good to those that love Him. Victories outweighs it all for those who trust Him! God is so good!

 Many prayers had been answered and some are still waiting for God's go signal. Last Christmas and New Year, we were able to be with our loved ones in the Philippines, a time to cherished and remembered. A priceless bonding with my precious children! An opportunity for me and hubby to go to Europe for our 20th Anniversary which is memorable and unforgettable. There are more friends added in my life too.

The past years is full of blessings and promises! and I believed there are more to come that are waiting for us. Yes, inspite of ups and downs, God did showed me many beautiful morning sunrises. There are sunset in the sky too, happy and sad days, both brings colour in life and an opportunity to see clearly God's amazing GRACE. I am so excited of what God in stored for us this coming year!

This year my goal is THROUGH IT ALL 2013. Plain and simple. It is a new beginning! 
Whatever this year may bring I pray that I will have more faith, build more trust, to be closer and deeper with my relationship with God, family and people around me. I will keep reminding myself that whatever life brings this year God will carry us through, sustain and supply our needs. A Peacespeaker in times of trouble mind, just as what He is in the past years and always be. I should live each day to the fullest, value each moments, cause life is too short to waste on things that are not useful. I will not keep trying to do things on my own, because it will oftentimes brings frustrations but I will declare and give in into God's will and loving arms to hold me and carry me through and my family to where He wants us to be.

This will also be a year to pick up an old interest, a hobby maybe? a project? :) who knows? God knows :)

So bear with me. This year will be a fruitful year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!! May God's abundant blessings, grace and mercy and love will follow us through the years of our lives. God bless!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone! hope you all had a great Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas. I love this day so much :) not only because it's my husband's birthday, but also to remember the One who love us so much and gave His life for us! Jesus, our Emmanuel, the real reason of this season.

Each year, we baked cookies with kids, wrap it with other gifts and gave them away to new families and friends in our church :) Last year, when we were in the Philippines, we gave away goodies to street children on Christmas eve, to spread the love and giving to others.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my niece, Renda and her husband Dennis. We had devotions and enjoyed our noche buena ( Christmas Eve dinner) with delicious meal and desserts. We squeeze every ounce of enjoyment that night. We had board games, fun till midnight and unwrapping gifts, then blowing of cake for my husband.

On Christmas morning, we had a wonderful breakfast and unwrapping gifts for little ones who can't stay up till midnight on Christmas Eve. It's so good to see their faces beamed with joy as they unwrapped their gifts. That is precious! The rest of the day spent with my dear hubby for this special day.

Kids had fun building their gingerbread houses...

...and decorating cookies

Looks nice :)

I baked cookies as well, most of them are new recipes. I think Martha Stewart will be very proud of me lol. All of them tasted so good.

Some of our noche buena meal. We had a big roast turkey!

Board games and fun all night long :)

Unwrapping gifts

more games...

Blowing of cakes. I made that mango cake specially for my hubby! He loves mangoes.

Christmas morning kids unwrap their gifts and stockings.

Eat, fun, eat...

...and the rest of the day spent to the most wonderful dear hubby in the world :)

Hope you all had a wonderful time of this year, just like we did :)
Merry Christmas to all!

From us to yours :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Fun

It's Christmas time again! and this time we will be staying home for Christmas :) Two consecutive years we've been away. We went to Australia and Philippines and celebrated christmas and new years with our loved ones which is memorable and precious. It's good to see and spend time with them all!
But this year we are looking forward of spending time with our church family and friends. There is no place like home :)
I haven't decorated that much this year. I want it simple and easy :) We didn't even put up our outdoor lights. Just christmas tree with few gifts underneath and candle centerpieces. We did a little reorganizing in our basement, hubby's office is moved to our family room, so it means that I can't hang all stockings there in our fireplace, so I hang them all in our stairs which I think is not bad at all. Other than that everything are the same. My son gave me beautiful ornaments from his work, so that will add up a festive look.

Our Christmas tree. I go with blue, silver and white this year.

These are all for kids and my daughter add those extra socks down there for our dogs Coco and Jack :) I think we need a longer stairs lol.

Well, reds in our basement :)

and this one is given by a good friend. Aren't they cute?

More of my son's creations :)

So that's all folks :) May our hearts be filled and adorned with God's unconditional Love, the very reason of this season!

Hope you all have a great week!