Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Road trip 2010

Summer is almost over. Time is fast and free but it is very precious so we have to spend it wisely :)

Another road trip this year for our family to British Columbia all the way to Bellevue, Washington. It's a long trip, but we enjoyed every bit of it. We enjoyed  beautiful scenic views on the way and visited few of every places point of interests and attractions. We all love long driving, as long as my children have their ipods, music to listen to, psp's and few of their favourite dvd's to watch, then travelling is peaceful. One thing our family have in common is that we all love to travel, by air or land,  so it's never a problem to everyone.
Most of all, the treasured moments of bonding with our children, talking and laughing with them are priceless. They are such funny kids, they're always make us laugh. That was also another opportunity for us to impart and share to them some important words of advises and reminders they can keep in their hearts and mind. That was a wonderful time for our family. 
We were able to visit my brother and his family in Richmond although my brother Danny was rushed to ICU because of abscess liver that affected other vital part of his body including brain, lungs, heart and his respiratory system. He was chemically coma and stayed in ICU for a week. Doctors cannot figure out where the infections come from and surgery is not an option because it will take his life. They even think that he will not live soon. But our God is real, He is our Healer and He's done a miraculous thing to my brother. Our prayers reached God's throne and healed my brother. He is now out of the hospital and recovering. God is good! They could not believed how fast his recovery is. Another miracle right before our eyes! God is truly awesome!

The Filipino Conference was great. It was attended by many delegates from different states. Services and worship are awesome! We've heard great messages from great men of God and our spirit are filled and refreshed once again. There were 9 souls received the Holy Ghost. Our dear friends Gina and Mike Lacsamana and their church brethren hosted this conference and they did an excellent job. This is one of the best filipino conference. We had great fellowship with other brethren, enjoyed the sport fest, specially watching Pastor Jesse played basketball once again. It's been a long time I haven't seen him played a real basketball game lol, he's pretty awesome although he got tired so easily, must be a sign of getting old :) 
All in all, we enjoyed this years trip. We did not able to go to Victoria island as planned due to we stayed with my sister in law and their children for the whole week while my brother is in the hospital but we're thankful to spend time with my nephews and nieces and loved ones from California. Good to be with my mom too. We had a side trip to Vancouver Aquarium, roamed around a little to this beautiful city. Vancouver incorporates a plethora of parks, green spaces, and a vast of water all around, with renowned shopping areas like their town centre mall, we enjoyed it there specially Jessica :)

On our way home, we went to Jasper National Park, one of the most beautiful place I've visited. This park enthralled us with stunning landscape, springs and lakes the shade of brilliant emeralds and alpine meadows. It is really beautiful. We plan to go back there in the future.  We had a chance sighting different wildlife animals like moose, black bears, deer, mountain goats, elks and foxes. It is a must to see. We took the opportunity to visit Hoodoos and Royal Tyrell Museum too. To complete the trip, we stopped by Edmonton Mall and Ikea the next day then drove 16 hours straight home. 
I have many photos taken in my digicam but I left my charger in Richmond and I run out of battery, so I cannot upload pictures for now.  I have some in our Nikon but not much. I will upload as soon as I have replacement for my charger.

We thank God for this great year and years ahead of us!

This is somewhere in Valemont, B.C. We stopped by for fresh cherries and peaches. The view is really beautiful :) I can live in place with mountains.

This one is a view in Lake Louise, Jasper National Park.  


Kai said...

Te Jean ang Ganda ng views. I have always wanted to visit Jasper park and banff read a lot about it..hope I could visit that place very soon :). It was to see you and the kids at the conf.!

Jane said...

You should go and see Lake Louise Kai.You will love it there.

By the way, it's good to see you, Darrell and the kids in Washington.We could have more time together. Maybe you can visit us here in Winnipeg :)

Kai said...

Yes, I've heard of Lake Louise too. We'll plan our visit there te jean para masaya :)

Wendy said...

Awh you went to so many places we went for our honeymoon. It is truly beautiful out there. Glad you enjoyed your time.

Cindy said...

Your photos are gorgeous! We will be passing through those scenes very soon on our trek westward. You have a lovely family and those times together as a family make wonderful memories for children. The bonding time is so important, too. So nice for the kids to have their dad's undivided attention, something that is rare, I'm sure, seeing as how he is a busy Pastor. Love you all so much!
Hugs, Cynthia