Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jason's Special Day!

 Jason with his kuya Josel

Before you were conceived I wanted you...Before you were born I loved you...Before you were an hour old I would die for you...This is the miracle of a mother's love'...

When I had my first baby. I thought I could not have another one because of a hard deal I experienced. Josel was born with a whooping 8.10 lbs and 28 inches. He is too big for a 5 flat mom like me. I labored for 16 hours and had to undergo vacuum extraction. I told hubby, i think i don't want to have another one.
Two years later, a surprised came.  I struggled and cried the whole 26 hours in the delivery room again, but this time it's worst. When contractions were 20 mins. apart still I wasn't dilated and no progress seen. Epidurals had no effect. They erupted my bag fluid but still no progress. My blood pressure is high, I felt numbness in my whole body and the baby's heart is dropping.  All I could remember in my blurry sight, there were three doctors and two nurses pushing my stretcher and rushed me to an emergency room, put an oxygen in my nose...then I passed out. They've given me general anesthesia.
I felt someone touched my cheeks, it was the nurse trying to wake me up. They're pushing my stretcher to a recovery room. I was unconscious for four hours. They performed an emergency c-section to me.
When I opened my eyes, the nurse held a chubby and cute little baby boy. She laid him down in my chest. I couldn't explained the joy I felt that day. All the pain was gone. For the first time we looked at each other. I can't imagine a day old baby could open their eyes like my chubby did. Our fighter was finally born, an ounce bigger than his big brother. He is 8.11 lbs. I did not hear his little cry in the delivery room because I was unconscious but the minute I looked at his eyes I knew everything would be okay. The nurses told me that he got the loudest cry of all, they called him the fighter. He is still a fighter until now. Not a physical fighter but he fights for what he think is right. He might be a little reserved and strong willed but he's very sweet :)

In  few days he will be turning 14. Oh how the years go by. Happy birthday Jason, may God give the desire of your heart. We love you more than you ever know.

I teased him yesterday that I will show up in his classroom with cupcakes and goodie bags, lol... and you know what teenager will gonna say, they think you will ruin their life if you do that. :) 


Wendy said...

Cupcakes and goodie bags. hahahaha, that's why I love you Sister Jane. That would be soo funny! Happy birthday Jason!! Can't believe how fast these babies are growing up. :)

Lenny said...

Happy birthday Jason.

Cindy said...

What a sweet post. Babies can be so much trouble to get into this world, but what a lot of joy they bring us. Your Jason is a very sweet young man, please tell him Happy Birthday for me and that my husband and I send our love.
Hugs to you, my friend.