Friday, December 17, 2010

Bathroom and more...

Ok, it's kind of strange, but bathroom is one of my favorite place in the house, don't you? it gives you comfort and joy, lol, specially if your bathroom looks like this :) this is not my bathroom. I wish this is my bathroom haha..

According to Jessica," it's my fad, when I'm sad or mad, my bathroom fad is my glad".

Today I thought, i get over with kids banging on the door when they were young, but tell you, they're not, at least today and even my twins are acting out today.  I know if you are a parent you are all too familiar with this scene. As soon as you need to go to the bathroom, it's like the world needs you right?  

and it should be the cleanest part of the house too.

Anyway, I talked to a young mother last night and she was telling me about how stress she is taking care of her small children. I shared to her my principles to lessen stress, aside from time management. I told her that it is so important to put some of her needs ahead of the children...don't get me wrong, here's why...
I get this idea whenever I'm in the airplane and you know the airlines demonstrated how to use a mask when needed? They said that you put your OWN mask first so that you are more equipped to handle helping others. That's all good and I believe it's a good analogy. I am a firm believer that we need a time alone with God, or to read good books, exercise, or be with a friend, or having a "me" time, and rest to sustain ourselves to be able to sustain others. Don't hesitate to use a respite or babysitter or a family member to take care of them so that you can have some peaceful and quite time alone for yourself once in a while. We need to be mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced. I think it make sense, you cannot help someone when you are overstress, angry, frustrated and tired. It will do no good to both of you.

Today is really busy but productive. I get all things done, groceries, run errands, clean the house, cook, packed half of our stuff for Australia,  a visit to a doctor . There's few more laundries that needs to be wash. I wish my mom is here. She loves washing. When she was here, I haven't done laundry for 6 months :) Mama come back here! I need you. I know she's reading my blog. 

And you know what's bad news? I ate like there's no tomorrow. How can I eat too much in times like this? I am saving my appetite for the next few days. My husbands  sisters are excellent cooks and I'm sure I cannot resist the temptations.

Have a great day!


Wendy said...

That's some good advice, and I like the analogy of the airplane advice of putting your mask on first before helping others. I guess you're no use to anyone at all if you pass out eh. I think us moms tend to put ourselves last alot and end up burning out sometimes. Sometimes I escape to the bathroom too. Especially if I want to eat a treat that I don't want to share hehehehe. but we all need a place to refresh.

I like your dream bathrooms :) At first I thought you got yours re-done! lol

I'm going to miss you. And don't worry. There's no calories at Christmas ;)

Cindy said...

Your dream bathrooms are beautiful! I love gorgeous bathrms. Your analogy is absolutely correct, moms must take care of themselves first. They really cannot use their kids as an excuse for neglecting their time spent in prayer, it is an excuse, they find time to do the things that they really want to do, they can do that, too. And it is the most important thing they can do in a day.
I'm missing you already and you only left this morning.
Love and hugs,