Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reading moments...

It's a good thing when you travelled 19 hours and don't know what to do with those times, so books for the rescue. I was able to read a lot of good books during those hours. Last week I started my online bible reading @ ,  and during my "quiet time"more books I enjoyed reading at least an hour a day. Need to put this brain to work :)

These are the books that I'm reading lately...

I love reading T.D. Jakes revolutionary thoughts. It is about discovering who we really are and what we are truly about. 

Yep I got 5 love languages for teenagers and it's an awesome book. Do you think we know our teens well?  but there are more to discover about your teens.

How to prepare and get ready when the enemy strike. It comes with a workbook too.

I got pics of these books online. I can't get a clear shot of this in my cp.

Amazing book. This explain the principle of faith filled and mountain moving prayer that can transform circumstances. 

I got so many helpful informations learned to help a child with speech problem. 

5 Love languages (Mens Edition)
I gave this to Pastor as a gift in our last year's anniversary. I'm not sure if he read it but I do :)

Have a great day everyone! I hope you enjoy reading books too as much as I do.


Wendy said...

I think I am going to come to your library and check out some books!! Especially the love languages of teenagers. I don't know their languages anymore lol.

Cindy said...

That is quite the reading list. I would love to read Gary Chapman's books and TD Jakes sounds interesting, too. I need to see if I can find them on Amazon. I do love reading, I have three books going right now, as well as my daily through the bible in a year one that you guys gave us.
Hugs, Cindy