Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little bundle of Joys!

I don't know how both of my twins managed to get out of their cribs by themselves. It's supposed to be bedtime but they are quietly playing together in the floor. They emptied all the stuff in the closet and open all drawers. My heart skipped a second there. It is not safe for them anymore! I'm trying to figure out how they did it? specially Alex. They are 25 months old but he is quiet small in his age, how did he climb up? his legs are too short to reach the upper rail? and  his coordination are not that develop not until tonight :)
They are into climbing lately. Kayla loves to climb up any place elevated. She will get the stool, climbed up then jump. She knows how to open all doors except the one with safety lock. Alex can go down from his high chair if you forgot to fasten the belt and now he discovered to get out of his crib. The physio therapist wants us to encourage Alex to climb in the couch or going up and down the stairs to develop his coordination but I think he just passed that stage lol. 

Oh well, as long as they are safe, I don't mind them being handful as they are suppose to. They are entering the stage of exploring and discovering new things around them and there is no stopping. 
We love these babies, they are little bundle of joys in our family. They keep our smile and laughter everyday! They are become monkeys now but they are the sweetest foster kids we've had in 8 years :) Kayla sing songs for us all the time, she can sing 3 whole songs by herself, "Twinkle, twinkle", "jingle bells"( feels like christmas in our house everyday lol) and "Baa baa black ship". She's getting smarter each day too, talking non stop now and learning a lot of new words. But she's naughty too, she loves to tease Alex by hiding his toys and give it back later when Alex start to cry. She will put on her jacket and say "goodbye Alek" and that made Alex cry too because he thinks he's staying home.
Alex is my baby. I am his favorite person on earth. He learned his first proper and 3 syllable words "I wanna eat" that's all he can say :) he loves to eat so he practice it a lot.

Kayla, even her hair eats noodles :)

Alex, my baby! He's attach to me, always give me lots of kisses and huggies.

Kayla tease Alex a lot but they are partners in crime lol...

our little monkey :)

Jojo, Tyson, Alex and kayla

It is our joy to share our love and life to them even in a short time. I hope things will work out good with their mom. We want them to feel that there are someone like our family loves them dearly.


Wendy said...

As we talked last night, I can relate to this post on every level. These children are so precious and we rejoice in their every development and achievement. They really do become part of our heart.

Cindy said...

Your foster children are so beautiful and sweet. What a blessing for them to have you and Pastor in their lives in their formative years. You are teaching them what it feels like to be loved and cherished as human beings.
Love and hugs, Cindy

ate gie said...

jean they are adorable! Hindi kita masisisi kung ma-attached ka sa kanila. Siguro ganun nalang kasakit pag kinuha na sila ng parents nila. How do you cope everytime?