Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's cookin'

There are days that I enjoyed cooking a lot, like today and some days I wished I could fill my freezer with process foods, just heat and eat. No sweat. But that would really make me feel guilty, because I am convinced they're not that healthy and it doesn't come my family likes. I love cooking fresh vegetables, seafoods and meats that's why I make my own freeze ahead meals. It will take some time but it can be so comforting knowing I have those meals for those evenings I simply don't want to cook or no time to cook :)  
 There are ready to eat meals available in asian restaurants, but still no beats home cook meals :) and can save you some money too.
This is what I cooked today. Filipino foods are complicated . It takes time to do one meal. Adobo and beef stew are good toppings for steam rice.

Pork adobo 

Calderetta (beef stew)

I made wontons (uncooked). Some will go to freezer for next batch.

... and some for today :) 

Did you make freeze ahead meals? 

Have a great day!