Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paris (Europe Trip part 2)

Our third stop, Bonjour de Paris, France. It's fascinating and romantic. The fabled city of lights. It reflects off the white stone buildings in the most amazing ways. We visited Eiffel tower, which is awesome specially at night. The whole tower lights up and sparkles, just wow!
We went to Museu' de Louvre. At one point I am thankful that being short and petite has given me some sort of benefits :), easy for me to made way to a packed of people wanted to see the painting of Monalisa up close  just to take photos.
More places we've visited, Grand de Palais, Music Academy, Versailles, Notre Dame Cathedral and enjoy our night in Sienne River Cruise, stride along the best shopping avenue Montaigne. This is the glamourous side Paris. Walked in few neighbourhood and had croissant from the bakery first thing in the morning. Fresh warm bread available on most streets in Paris. I've noticed people dress well even just go around the corner to get bread :)

View from the top of Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower at night

Notre Dame Cathedral

Musee de Louvre

LV,  Avenue Montaigne

We had such a great time in Paris. Thanks to our wonderful tour guide Jeff in showing us around this beautiful city

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