Tuesday, August 10, 2010


If you want a cheap but stylish things for your home, you will love Ikea. It fulfills it's purpose very well, their items are not that durable, compared to other cheap furniture stores, but it is often more stylish and presentable. I love to buy some stuff in Ikea for home accessories and accents only. Their laundry items are useful  too. I bought couple of laundry baskets and laundry hanging baskets for kids.
I've heard that we will going to have Ikea here in Winnipeg in 2011 and Forever 21 :) looking forward to that.

Here are some of the things that I bought in Ikea when we were in Edmonton. You cannot believe how cheap it is there!

For Jason's room

For Jessica's room

This one is for Josel's.  It's a ceiling lamp.

We bought 2 pieces of these for their computer and study area.
Jason's beddings. We've been looking for this color and glad we've found it there with a very reasonable price.

I'm thinking of changing the theme color in our bedroom to purple and cream :)

Laundry baskets, for colored and whites clothes.

two cute sippy cups for my twins :)

picture frames for Jessica's room.

Well, that's all and we only pay less than $300 dollars for everything.


Wendy said...

Cuute stuff. I can't wait for our Ikea!

Cindy said...

You got some great stuff and once again, I will be going there while we are on the coast. Our middle daughter has been wanting me to help her decorate her apartment and seeing how she is moving into a really nice one this next week, she will be desperate for help. So, I have promised her that I will take her shopping and I will help her to pick out things for her place.
I can't wait for IKEA to come to the 'Peg, either.

jane said...

I can't wait for our Ikea either :)

Josel said, you can even buy a hotdog for only 50 cents!