Thursday, August 12, 2010


We didn't get to do a lot lately in our kitchen renovation due to we've been away for about 2 weeks. Maybe next week we will start to work on the tiles in the counter. I haven't decided what color I want but it might be the same color of the floor.

Here are some of the updates :)  it's getting slow but we will get there.

the floor is finished... yay!

We teared down the closet in the corner which I used as a pantry before and opening the wall makes a lot difference. It gives a lot of space. We will install two tier breakfast counter there too, same color as our kitchen counter.

Wide view. We change all lightnings. We put another chandelier here.

...and ray lights on top of the breakfast counter. 

We'll see what will be the outcome of the whole reno.
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Cindy said...

Your kitchen is looking great! I love your new chandelier and the floor tile. Looking real good!
Hugs, Cynthia

Cindy said...

I just had a thought, last Sunday where we were for lunch, the Pastor's and his wife got a new kitchen just last year. Her counters are a dark brown formica and it looked wonderful! Her cupboards were something like yours. You have anice big window in your kitchen, don't you? Does it get lots of light? Think about the dark brown, it might work. Hugs.

Wendy said...

Wow it looks so different! The two tiered counter/breakfast bar is what I want to do in my kitchen one day :)
Yours looks so great and gives you more elbow room in the kitchen :)

Kai said...

Nice te Jean! Galing nyo pala mag renovate parang mga pro :)

jane said...

I have big windows in my kitchen and it gets a lot of sun, that's what I like about it , and i think brown is a nice colour for my counter. Thanks sis. Cindy :) I am still thinking of what I will put on the wall, maybe a decorative plate racks?

I'm glad that the wall is open now, gives me more space to move around.

TMhel said...

I like the new look Jean! Spacious!!!