Monday, August 16, 2010

New Phase of Motherhood

When I was pregnant the first time with our first child, Josel, I was filled not only with anticipation, but also with fear. I heard so many unsettling horror stories and had a lot of questions about how to parent a child. What could we do to insure that my baby would survive? What would our baby look like? Would he be healthy? I often had nightmares that my baby doesn't have fingers or his face is deform. How would this baby change my life? 
Would we be able to provide what our baby needed? 
Sixteen years ago, in many ways, I'm experiencing the same feelings right now that our Josel is entering adulthood, he'll be turning 16 in few days this month. I am experiencing a second birth, his birth to his adulthood. I had the same questions and worries I had before. What could we do to make sure he survived? What would he look like? Would he be healthy? How would this experience change our lives? Now,that he has grown to be a fine and kind young man, has a new way of thinking, began to see things in a new way and acquire new potential of reasonings. He is more inquisitive I should say. Which I think our opportunity to help him reach his potential of healthy thinking. I will no longer treat my Josel as a small child anymore, but instead affirm and build my relationship with him by treating him like adult, allowing him into our world. Where did my "baby" go? Now that he's entering adulthood, this is not terminal but it is a new birth, the beginning of an exciting transition into adulthood that I and my kid can enjoy together. This is an exciting challenge and my turning point to another new phase of motherhood. 

 Happy Birthday Josel. We love you and very proud of you. Let God always be the center of your life. He'll direct your path and guide you to whatever choices you made. You are our miracle. You bring so much joy when you came into our lives. I'm glad God gave you to us.


Kai said...

Happy happy birthday josel!

From uncle Darrel, auntie Kai
Dj, Kendra & jeb

Cindy said...

Josel is a wonderful young man. My husband and I love his sense of humor and friendliness. I appreciate his helpfulness and the fact that he loves desserts. I will have to make something for him when I get back.
So "Happy Birthday", Josel and many, many more years blessed of God.

Wendy said...

I could say so many things hehe. But I will just say Happy birthday Josel, you are very special. And I mean that in a good way hehe. I love you like one of my own kids. Do you want some lasagne or something? lol

jane said...

lol, he loves your desert sis. cynthia and your lasagne sis. wendy :)

jane said...

i mean dessert.

Mary Frances said...

Cute blog! :)