Monday, April 25, 2011

Share the Hope

It was an awesome Resurrection Sunday! We had a cardboard testimony in Church and I am so blessed to read it all. God indeed is on the move in the lives of our people. He gives hope and life everlasting to all.
It was a great privileged as well to share that hope to our neighbour. They moved few months ago, an indian couple from Bombay with three children, same age as my kids. I baked cookies for them to welcome them in our neighbourhood and even hubby snow blow their pathway as they did not have anything to use for winter and obviously not ready for a lot of snow :) They are very shy but nice family.

The other day, someone knocked on our door. It was Tamia, our neighbour and she handed me a what she said an special indian traditional dessert. She is so sweet, she even explained to me how to eat it. She call it Suji Halwa, an indian  Semolina Raisin Pudding. It was so good!

We had a chat, she is such a sweet lady! she shared how hard their life back home in their country and how they struggle to be in another culture now.  Well, I shared to her the faith and hope that God brought into our life. It was beautiful, she listen intently and thankfully. She said she wants to know more about the God that I am serving. That is what I'm going to give her in return for that delicious Semolina pudding :) The Bread of Life and of course maybe with more bakings lol..:_

Help me pray with this neighbour. 

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TMhel said...

It's a great privilege to have that rare opportunity to share the One True God to those who are really seeking. I pray that God will bring us to those people or He will make a way for us to meet them. God bless!