Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mother's Love

I can see the Father in my mother's smile
In her touch, strength of His hands
with my mother arms around me
I can feel God's love surround me
To help me learn to sit, to walk, to stand

Her love is patient
Her love is kind
She always seems to have the other one in mind
instinctively a mother knows her love was meant to share
and in my mother's love, I've come to know the Father's care

I can feel the Father when my mother prays
fervently she whispers my own name
With my mother's prayers to guide me
and the Father here beside me
my heart will always know that I'll be fine

Down on her knees
she ask the Lord to use my life,
to find His plan
to know His will and take my step...



Wendy said...

Happy Mother's day to you, beautiful lady. Love you.

Cindy said...

You are blessed to have had such a Godly mother.
Hugs, Cynthia