Sunday, May 15, 2011

Home Decors

I admire people that are creative. People that can create something beautiful out of simple things in just a blink of an eye :).
I am not one of them. In able for me to create something, I always need an inspirational focal point or sometimes I go with the vibes. Something that I haven't seen yet, but once I've seen them I knew that it is the one I want. This doesn't happen all the time though. I tend to be very picky sometimes. Or maybe decorating is not my thing. I am more interested in fragrances and essential oils lol. 
But I love  and enjoy looking at decorating blogs and fascinated of how they do it. 

I stumble on this awesome blog about home decor. You can check it here

I am pretty simple when it comes to home decors. I like modern or traditional style. I love linens and lots of pillows. 
I love earthy tones with the combinations of light shades pastel colors, preferably beige or white and some dark colors. That's boring right? lol. Bright colors and patterns tend to overwhelm me. I am not there yet but I want to add one or two accents if needed. I love open concept kitchen and a dining and living room with big bay windows facing beautiful view :) 

Anyway, I am inspired to try to do some of the ideas that I've seen in some decorating blogs I love to visit and hopefully I can do it right lol. I love learning new things and I hope that I have ample patience to do it too.

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