Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kitchen update

Hi, just an update for our kitchen. I don't want you to keep wondering what happen to it, lol. But here it is...

Our kitchen... how do you like an open shelvings? I might want to do open shelvings in the future, who knows? :)

Just kidding... 
We finally installed granite top, and change all cabinet door handles and hinges only. The old ones looked outdated. These are the old ones, hinges are shown outside.

And here's the new one. We matched it with our appliances to make it look more updated I guess :) and sanded, re varnished all door cabinets, no more hinges shown.

 new sink and faucet

finally done...whew!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Again, I am attracted to open shelving :)


wendy said...

It all looks wonderful Sis. The new hardware makes the cupboards look brand new! We have the same sink lol. I love it for washing the high chair trays and big pans and cookie sheets. Your granite is lovely too :)

PrewChatterly said...

i envy your kitchen now! :)

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