Thursday, January 12, 2012

Godly Heritage

The Patts Family

Since before any of us were born, God planned for us to share our lives with each other. He knew exactly how our strengths and weaknesses would balance one another, and the depth of love, understanding and commitment we would learn to feel. He knew that the richness of our separate characters would be developed through the hard times, and that mutual trust and respect would be born as a result of overcoming the trials together.

He knew that we would laugh together, and cry together. He knew we needed each to hug, to help, to teach, to share, to love. We needed a family that you can count on.

This year 2011. Our side of my family had a great reunion held in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines, the hometown of my parents. It was wonderful to be with my loved ones. I am so glad that I belong to a family that loves God and love each other. Thank you to my parents who set a Godly example to their children.

I will pass this Godly heritage to my children as well.

It's been a great year to our family!

May you have a wonderful journey this year of 2012!

God bless.

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Cindy said...

It is wonderful to have a Godly heritage, the most valuable thing that parents can pass on is a Godly a love for the Lord and His word. You are blessed.
Love and hugs, Cynthia