Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone! hope you all had a great Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas. I love this day so much :) not only because it's my husband's birthday, but also to remember the One who love us so much and gave His life for us! Jesus, our Emmanuel, the real reason of this season.

Each year, we baked cookies with kids, wrap it with other gifts and gave them away to new families and friends in our church :) Last year, when we were in the Philippines, we gave away goodies to street children on Christmas eve, to spread the love and giving to others.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my niece, Renda and her husband Dennis. We had devotions and enjoyed our noche buena ( Christmas Eve dinner) with delicious meal and desserts. We squeeze every ounce of enjoyment that night. We had board games, fun till midnight and unwrapping gifts, then blowing of cake for my husband.

On Christmas morning, we had a wonderful breakfast and unwrapping gifts for little ones who can't stay up till midnight on Christmas Eve. It's so good to see their faces beamed with joy as they unwrapped their gifts. That is precious! The rest of the day spent with my dear hubby for this special day.

Kids had fun building their gingerbread houses...

...and decorating cookies

Looks nice :)

I baked cookies as well, most of them are new recipes. I think Martha Stewart will be very proud of me lol. All of them tasted so good.

Some of our noche buena meal. We had a big roast turkey!

Board games and fun all night long :)

Unwrapping gifts

more games...

Blowing of cakes. I made that mango cake specially for my hubby! He loves mangoes.

Christmas morning kids unwrap their gifts and stockings.

Eat, fun, eat...

...and the rest of the day spent to the most wonderful dear hubby in the world :)

Hope you all had a wonderful time of this year, just like we did :)
Merry Christmas to all!

From us to yours :)