Saturday, June 25, 2011

Heart Spa

I got foot spa as a gift from hubby few years back. I barely use it, but today I had an opportunity to just spent time for myself after a crazy week without hubby :(   Kids had their own agenda and our littles had a quality time with their mom and dad. So just by myself even for few hours only. 
I got my foot spa, pampered my face with homemade avocado, cucumber puree mask. A book in my hand, a ginger hot tea and a soothing, relaxing background music. So peaceful and quite :) 
I promise myself that once in a while I will pamper myself no matter how hectic my schedule in a week is. We all need it.

I come up with the theme as "Heart Spa" for our ladies fellowship in the future to do. If we are able to pamper our physical body, how much more we need to rejuvenate and refresh our soul, spiritual body in the Lord. We need to take time alone time with God and be refresh with His spirit no matter how hectic our days. 
We did it already few years back I believed. We had sleepovers in my place where we had devotional, sharing and then facial mask and foot massage lol. I think I want to do it again, but not in my place but some place that are more relaxing, maybe along the lakes and spend overnight. A time to treat ourselves women to a retreat experience for the Heart. A time to relax, to make connections, and rejuvenate our spirit. A time to focus on our personal growth and learn practical skills that will help us embrace life with renewed sense of spirit, joy and purpose for life!

I'm getting excited!

I am halfway with this book, the DNA of Relationship by Gary Smalley. It's an excellent book about relationship. According to him,  "You are made for relationships. You are made with the capacity to choose and you are made to take responsibility for yourself ".

I will share this to you sometime :)

But for now, I'll talk to you later and got to go pick up hubby in the airport :) this is more exciting! hehe...

Hope you had wonderful sunny day today! just like mine.


Wendy said...

I well remember our sleepover spa day at your house, it was so fun. I still have a picture of myself with a nasty green mask lol. But you're right. As moms we need to take care of ourselves. We spend all our time caring for our family but we need to be cared for too, and for most ladies, we just need to do it ourselves because nobody else will think to do it! Glad you had a time of refreshing!

Jane said...

Yes, it is a lot of fun! I miss those days :) Hope we can do it again. I have pics of you and Sis. Kelly as well with facial mask on it lol...

Cindy said...

Sounds like fun, Sis.
Hugs, Cynthia