Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Look

I made a little transformation of my living room from winter color to summer look, just to lighten up a bit! 
I have many fabrics that had been set aside for a while and I am proud to tell you that I turned those fabrics to pillow cases :) *giving myself a pat on the shoulder* lol! I don't like sewing, although I grew up in a home that mom sewed a lot. I also took sewing lessons when I was in high school but didn't really paid that much attention. Hubby bought me sewing machine on my 38th birthday and I haven't use it very often :(  so now it's my chance.

Just as I told you that I want to learn and "like" these stuff , although making  fragrances recipe is more easier lol... But I did good! don't you think? It's simple pillow cases, still working on some fancy ones hehe...

Here we go...

Floral prints. I love the color, it's soft and calming to the eyes

A leaf. Perfect for my earth tone living room

I change all my burgundy/browns to greens/beige even curtains

my beautiful daisies

Family memory wall. I will add more pics in this side.

There's nothing I can think of to lighten this area :) no

Dining area


I really don't know what to do with this kitchen wall. So while I am searching for that wooden plate rack that I wanted, I put this up temporarily. I love this frame that says "Taste and see  that the Lord is good". 

My granite counter top is coming soon. I might change the sink as well.

Well folks, that's all for now. Hope you enjoy your virtual tour in our house and hope that you all have an enjoyable summer!


Jewel Ginty said...

Auntie Jane I love your house! sana maka visit din kami dyan someday.

Wendy said...

I love your pillows!! My favorite is the big leaf one that says relax. They all look lovely together, very bright and airy! There's just something about making small changes that makes us fall in love with our homes all over again. I think ladies love to do this! If you're getting granite you really should get an undermount sink. You'll love it. Easier to clean around the edges lol. Everything looks great though!

renda said...

I love green, that's why i love the new look! :)

lenpatts said...

pretty!!! this reminds me that I really need to change my home decor. I love the pillows. I see your memory wall - I love it!