Saturday, June 18, 2011


I finally done planting :) I planted few vegetables in my garden like tomatoes, bittermelons, green peas, eggplants and chillis. Few roses survived and the rest just died. Perennials plants are starting to bloom. Can't wait to see them all in full bloom.

We are enjoying the weather, we had barbeques and dine out in our backyard once in a while. We had to, while there's not a lot of mosquitoes and flies yet. My fly swatters and mosquito coils are ready lol!

Purple Irish


grapes showing its leaves now

I found this chair planters. Isn't it cute?

Not only one but two

One beautiful day...

Now I can relax in my hammock


my climbing rose started to climb :) 

This beautiful flower basket is a gift from a dear friend :) Thank you

My roses that survived the winter.


green peas

flyswatters are ready!

Hope you all have a wonderful summer!


Cindy said...

Your flowers and plants look lovely! I have never been in your back yard, it is much larger than I thought it was. The hammock looks like such a restful place to lay, do you ever get to?
I love the chairs with the planters in them, those are wonderful!
Hugs, Cynthia

lenpatts said...

Wow!!! you have a lot of plants. I love your backyard ate jean. I want to sleep in the hammock! :)