Friday, October 21, 2011


It was a lovely day today, so we were all able to hang out in our backyard and enjoy the weather. While kids are playing, I sat under the tree and try to read a good book when a naughty bird drop something right into my head, a smelly gooey thingie..ew! It could have dropped anywhere around me, but no, it landed on my head. I did not get upset, but instead we all laughed. I laughed at myself and imagine God is laughing along with us. I love His sense of humour.
In study of gelatology, the way laughter affects the human body, and have discovered that laughter is a natural stress reliever. It improves circulation and muscle tone, and it increases your heart rate and certain hormones and endorphins so that you feel better. Laughing usually leads to a brighter outlook on life and is good for the body and soul.
Laughter is good for us. It is a gift from God! Proverbs 13:15 says " A Merry heart doeth good like a medicine..." It changes our mood and allows us to see the world through new eyes. We also need to laugh at ourselves as we tend to take ourselves too seriously at times. We should allow the laughter to bubble up from our depths and infect others with this amazing medicine. It may be hard to laugh when things aren't going well, but in those very moments something light and humorous little things may be just what you need to pick up your spirits and help you handle your stress. Find some bright spot to lift up your day. Take time to laugh.
I thank God that we have been given this gift of laughter. I thank God for giving me a family that loves to laugh.
Our God must have laughed a lot when I came into being as I have done, and will do, so many silly things in my life. I don't encouraged someone to go around and make fun of every situation and laughing at inappropriate times. There are so many times when we are overwhelmed with what each day offers and maybe the burden in this world weighs heavily on our shoulders and we find ourselves sulking all the time. It is at those times that we need the strength and the incredible unconditional love that only our God can give us to help us through, but there are also times if we can smile or laugh the situation will be so much clearer to see.
Did you know that smile and laughter is more contagious than colds and flu?
Did you laugh today?


Cindy said...

Marissa has gone home and I have not laughed today at all! She was such a joy because she kept us laughing a lot. You are right, laughter is so good for us.
Have a joyful weekend,

Wendy said...

Hahaha about the bird. That happened to me one time while walking my kids to school lol, when they were small. My kids keep me laughing every single day. It really is the best!

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