Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have the most wonderful hubby in the world. He recently renovated our stairs and built bookcases in our family room: :)

This is our stairs before. It is carpeted and wall is painted black. We are trying to get rid of all carpets in our home for health purposes, since our children are suffering from asthma. 

We tore off the carpet

and replace it with oak wood and painted the wall autumn haze  

 Empty space a library for kids, since they hang out here often.

White rails made a nice contrast with wood. Don't you think?

I really think this corner is cute :) I still don't know what to do on the stair wall. I am thinking of picture gallery or just leave it like nothing on it.
If you have any ideas to share, please do so. I would be very glad to any suggestions you can give me.

I found these in pinterest  and I'm having second thought of putting a gallery since I have so many frames in my house already, and it's not really what I want, but sure it's nice if I can at least put something in there :) 

or this... the simpler the better for me.

What do you think? 

And Oh, here's the bookcases hubby built beside fireplace for our family room.

Thank God for a wonderful husband . He did a great job!. Although he's wishing and praying that I will not make another request for him to do. I don't think so lol.

Have a great day everyone! 


Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

Wow, you guys did a beautiful job! The stairs look so fancy now, and those bookcases are amazing! Great work!

desperateblogger said...

great job!

Pearl said...

Love your new stairs and the idea of a mini library...that's a smart way of making use of space. Jane thanks for visiting my site. God bless you and your family.