Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Take Me Away!

 "…and ye shall find rest unto your souls."    Matthew 11:29

It's a little bit overwhelmed lately! like a shadow that quickly speed from point to point that left me drained physically and emotionally :) This is the time when I need to be "taken away" from the daily grind. Our bodies are made to have a time of rest. If we don't rest from time to time, we'll get worn down and perhaps damage our health. Resting rejuvenates us.

So today, I'm all for pampering myself. It's a home spa day! all in the comfort of my home. I have a DIY spa kit and use husband's foot spa gift to me on my 37th birthday :) while listening to a beautiful and soothing music. I feel so relax. Just what I needed in a moment.

Considering the medical experts, these are the benefits of spa
Increase the body’s energy flow
Improving flexibility of our body
Reducing high blood pressure and hypertension
Healing emotional distress
Reduce the effects of ageing
Soothing our  tired muscles
Toning and nourishing the skin
Detoxifying our body
Stimulating circulation
Reducing weight and weight-related problems
Reducing insomnia, stress and fatigue

I believed this is one way of taking care of our body, which is the temple of God. 

As our body needs rest, so as our souls. I want to be "taken away" in the presence of God. He has a way of relieving our tension and soothing all of those achy muscles that we get from straining against the world each day. We can let go of the day and let God take care of things. I can lean my head back and rest in Him. "Resting in the bosom of Jesus" as what the old songs says. The word "bosom" - The chest conceived of as the seat of the emotions and intimate feelings. The security and intimacy of or like that of being hugged to someones bosom. Isn't it wonderful that we can give everything over to Christ on such an intimate scale? He knows all about us, even our inmost thoughts. It brings such peace to know that we can just tell Him all of our intimate thoughts. We can lay all our emotional baggages to Him. Isn't that relaxing to think about :)

I've seen too many Christians burn out lately. We seem to want to go, go, go. There's nothing wrong with making progress but God made our physical bodies to go in cycles. We need rest in order to be productive. what better way to be productive Christians than relaxing in the presence of the Lord?

Don't forget to take time to slow down and reflect on Christ and walk and talk with Him. He'll rejuvenate and refresh you like nothing else will.

  So have your own spa day!


TMhel said...

We all need this. Well said! Enjoy our Christian journey with simple pleasures. Enjoy!

Cindy said...

Yes, very well said. I believe in rest and relaxation. The older I get the less hard I find I am pushing myself.
Hugs, Cynthia