Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Child's Heart

Today is Jessica's birthday and she said that she want to repaint and redecorate her room as a gift.  According to her...from a babyish to an  almost a teen look and feel room, lol . So we sorted out her things, I couldn't believed how many stuffs Jessica have in her room. She loves nick nacks, and collected most of her drawings and writings since she was 4 and I found this note that she wrote to us when she was 6 years old and it brings back memories when I wrote this article about Child's Heart in my diary.  I remember this note when she put it in desk in our room. This note is a reminder of an honest and pure heart.

A Child's Heart

Mark 10:15-16 "Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kigdom of God like a child shall not enter it at all... (NAS)

Children, they are helpless creatures. Bundles of energy that only stop running around and asking questions when they are totally out of battery. They seem to get into everything they're not supposed to whether they know they should or not. They climb trees, run around, jumping on high structures fearless and generally run adults ragged just watching them. Where did they get their energy? 

Jessica is one of our bundle of joy. She's an active tumble little daddy's girl but she loves outdoors like me, she loves to run around and do some silly stuffs. Oftentimes, whenever we were outside she'd go the swing and show off..."Dad, watch me fly so high like an eagle"...that's what she often say. She loves to ask questions and try anything she can get on her hands. It does not matter if it drives us to distraction or puts a big smile on our face. She want to learn, she wants to know. Children are like a big sponges soaking in anything we will give them. They are good listener and a doer of words. They are driven by a desire to understand the world around them and when they see something special, that is a priceless moment. They smile in wonder and amazement. The thrill of the moment of something simple like seeing a rainbow, or a bugs with unusual look or a bike ride without training wheels for the first time is a powerful things to them. They find fun in every situations, free from worries and cares of life.  They accept and return love and care unreservedly. Their hearts are pure, they don't hide grudges in their hearts, they can easily forgive and forget. 

Jessica wrote us this letter last Saturday night when we talked to her about how disappointed mom and dad for what she did at church. She and the other girl in church were laughing so loud and playing during prayer meeting. I gave her my "look" but she totally ignores me, so I took her hand and let her sat beside me until the prayer meeting is over then told her that we will have a talk when we got home. She got tears in her eyes as we talked to her about how we should respect God's house, and that she should initiate and be an example to other children at church. Ignoring to what is told is not acceptable, that it is not being considerate as well as laughing and playing during the service. She knew these things and she's doing pretty good at church, all our children are behaved and usually participating in every services and church activities. Probably, she just got carried away and need reminders. That night, before bedtime she came to me, hugged and say her goodnights. Hubby found the letter she wrote. She placed it in our desk in our room. I was so touched. Jessica is six and yet she knows what forgiveness means. She doesn't take it lightly or take it for granted. She is concerned about how we feel  and how God feel of what happened earlier and feels sorry that she disobeyed. 

I wish I could be like a child in God's eyes again where I can easily forgive and ask forgiveness to what I've done rather than blaming someone. That I could find amazement and wonder in small and simple little things in life. That I could have full of energy and not tired of bragging about what I have done for the Lord. I want to get excited and joyful, free from cares of this world. Without it, all that is left is the mundane at best. That I could be faithful in little things I do, so God will entrust me with bigger things. There's are so much to learn from a little child and there is a reward in the joy of a child. I wish I could have a child like heart . A heart that is honest and pure, just like our little bundle of joy. 

Happy Birthday Jessica! keep that pure and honest heart. God have something special prepared for you.


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to Jessica! She is such a sweet and special young girl. She will definitely grow up to be someone very special.
Hugs and Love to you and to Jessica.

Wendy said...

Happy birthday Jessica!! That is a very cute letter. I have some that I treasure from Bethany also. They have such pure hearts I hope they will always keep it that way.