Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tiny enjoyment of the day!

There are thousand tiny things from which one can weave a beautiful little pleasures for one's life.

For me there is always that which appeals to my senses. There are certain smells that I love like fresh cut grass, flowers in spring, roses, after rain, mountain air, fresh baked bread, perfumes and scented candles and soaps. There is the joy of a feeling the smoothness and smell of washed and clean clothes.Then there is the joy of seeing the glory of nature, the sky, trees, ocean, beautiful scenic places. God's wondrous creation.

Today, I am glad I was able to do a little of  my tiny enjoyment  of the day, making decorative scented soaps. It's been a long time that I haven't done this. I am sorting out things here and found a box of glycerin, soap molders and essential oils, the one I use for fragrances. It's been fun!

I'm sure everyone have their own tiny enjoyments that will make your day, at least to re-route you from a busy everyday routine.

These are what I come up with :)


Wendy said...

They're so cute!! I bet your whole house smelled good!

lenpatts said...

I want to learn how to make these

Jane said...

Yes, I love the smell of scented candles and soap and the house smelled like I sprayed perfume all over :)