Sunday, June 13, 2010


Welcome into a special place in my house, my laundry room lol. Not a lot of people can see my laundry room but this is the place where I can get frustrated because I cannot keep up in organizing everything and everyday there are files of laundry  to be wash. I think I spend the whole day washing clothes the other day :)

I have sometimes a tendency to be want everything to be perfect and my laundry room is a place of other imperfections.

There is a survey that called general social survey, and it been tracked down that recently women moods nowadays become less and less happy, isn't that interesting? We have given more opportunities and yet we seem to have more gloom. But there is a merit reason for that, I think one of the reason why women are less happy because we put really high expectations on ourselves. In fact, we want to be perfect in everything. A perfect family, job, looks, clothes, children, a perfect life, everything  has to be perfect, but that's not being realistic. More demands of responsibilities can be one reason as well. But what happens is with the increase of demands we tend to have high expectations on ourselves rather than realistically lowering our expectations we increase them and the results are when we don't do things perfectly, we're hard on ourselves and to others, when people criticize us we take it really personal. If our relationship fails, we feel like a failure and feels like giving up.

You know what, I've learned this on myself, instead of feeling like giving up, I give up on being perfect! there's a lot of freedom in that, you know why? You and I are not called to be perfect. We are called to be restored and forgiven and loved and covered in God's grace. We don't have to be perfect because God is.

2 Cor. 12 9...that we can rest in our weaknesses because thats the place where strength of God is.
Don't give up, but give up of being perfect, extend mercy into yourself and to others because we don't expect them to be perfect too. There is only one that we can rely on being perfect and that is God himself. So rest in Him and we will be more happier than ever.


Wendy said...

In our weakness He is strong. I'm so thankful for that. And I'm thankful we don't have to be perfect, for we never can be until we enter heaven's gates. So you're right we should free ourselves and give ourselves permission to not be perfect.

I'm jealous of your laundry room cupboards by the way. hehe. Just kidding. My laundry is always a mess. I do 2-3 loads every single day, and if I miss one day, the next day takes me forever to catch up. It's crazy! I can't imagine how women coped with no washers and dryers. Mind you they probably wore things more than once and used their towels a few times. :)

Cindy said...

You are SO right! I have finally given up on being perfect, in fact I have to remind myself to do some things, things that at one time I would not have ever left undone. But I used to be a perfectionist in my home, no more. You are just so right! Thanks for the reminder. Love and appreciate you so much.