Saturday, June 5, 2010


...the launch of my own blog for my friends are here :)

I blogged long time ago, only to be connected with my loved ones all over the world. I grew up in the Philippines so family ties are intact. Some of them are in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and North America. We are a big clan and scattered everywhere:)
Since long distance phone calls are not cheap, and I have no time to chat online all the time so blogs came handy, free and accessible to keep us updated to each other of what's going on in the other side of our worlds. Mostly, we wrote it in our own dialect Tagalog or Bisaya.

I realized I have friends also that I wanted to share my thoughts, passion and my daily inspirations, so in able to do that I made this blog for my friends. Don't worry, I won't write it down in tagalog lol If so, I let you know what it means :)

I am looking forward on spending time with my friends here specially those who live far from me. I might not bring you for a coffee, but hey, we can share while sipping our latte here :)

Coffee is the word. It is available to all of us, doesn't matter what country you live in, what language you speak, you can get a cup of coffee without much trouble.
Coffee for me is friendship and warmth, an experience, an offer, a good excuse to get together. When someone invites you to get a coffee, it isn't because they are thirsty or cold, but more likely because they want to spend time with you. Coffee makes a promise :)

People who don't even like coffee usually love the smell and the experience. I have friends who don't drink coffee, but they never pass up the opportunity to go to get some. It's the place, the people, and the passion. They will have hot chocolate, tea, or smoothie or some beverage just to embrace the invitation to get together because we need friends. We need each other.


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Jane said...

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